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(Compiled by Not Affiliated With Any No Way Jose's Cantina Whatsoever )
(For Travel Planning Use Only, ALL Data subject to change without notice)

Welcome To REAL Mexican Food!

No Way Jose's Mexican Restaurant Gatlinburg TN (865) 430-5673
(Photo Last Updated Tuesday - March 17th, 2009)

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  • Catering - Parties - Meetings - Weddings - Food To Go
  • A Commitment To Freshness
  • Salsas And Sauces Prepared Daily To Ensure Freshness
  • Using Only 100% Cholesterol-Free Canola Oil
  • Located On The River Across From The Popular Ripley's Aquarium Of The Smokies


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555 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738 (865) 430-5673
(Compiled by On 01/31/10 Not Affiliated With Any Restaurant Whatsoever )
(For Travel Planning Use Only, ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change Without Notice)

Appetizers (Antojito's)
We Serve One Complimentary Basket Of Hot Chips & Salsa With Your Meal Additional Baskets
Are $1.50 Each
ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change Without Notice

Chili Con Queso: Hot Spanish sauce & creamy jalapeno cheese, laced with fresh jalapenos, cilantro & red peppers with fresh hot flour tortilla chips $ 4.95
Boom Boom Poppers: Diced jalapeno peppers and chipotle cheese double dipped in premium draft beer batter Served with El Rancho sauce for dipping $ 5.95
Fresh Guacamole (In Season): Made with fresh California Haas avocados & served with hot baked flour chips $ 4.95
Mexi Wings Wings in our own secret spicy sauce served with bleu cheese, celery and carrots.  (10) $ 7.85
Border Bean Dip Refried beans, our sour cream sauce, guacamole, pico de gallo, chili con queso, jalapenos, olives, green onions, lots of cheese and flour chips. $ 5.95
Pappa's Mexican Pizza Crisp flour tortilla, refried beans, ground beef, lots of cheese, jalapenos, olives, pico de gallo and sour cream $ 6.45
Jose's Fiesta Sampler (Great for Two) A sampling of our best with plenty to share. Cheese quesadillas, chicken & beef taquitos, Mexi-wings, nachos, beer battered jalapeno peppers, hombre sticks and chili con queso, served with pico de gallo and sour cream. $11.95
Taquito Bites Choose yellow corn torillas stuffed with shredded beef or blue corn tortillas stuffed with shredded chicken, each served with chili con queso for dipping. $ 5.95
Mucho! Mucho! Nachos: Crispy chips with seasoned ground beef, covered with shredded lettuce, ranchero sauce, refried beans, sliced jalapenos, black olives, melted white cheese, sour cream and fresh pico de gallo $ 7.25
Fajito Nacho No Way: Crispy chips with Fajita chicken or steak, covered with Fajita onions and peppers, lettuce, ranchero sauce, refried beans, sliced jalapenos, black olives, melted white cheese, sour cream and fresh pico de gallo $ 8.25
Cheese Quesadillas: Large flour tortilla stuffed with monterey jack and cheddar cheese, onions, tomato and green chilis served with sour cream and pico de gallo (Guacamole... add .95)  $ 6.25
Grilled Chicken or Steak Quesadillas: Large flour tortilla stuffed with Monterey jack and cheddar cheese, onions, tomato and green chilis served with sour cream and pico de gallo (Guacamole... add .95) $ 7.50
Shredded Chicken or Beef Quesadillas: Large flour tortilla stuffed with monterey jack and cheddar cheese, onions, tomato and green chilis served with sour cream and pico de gallo 
(Guacamole... add .95)
$ 7.25
Shrimp Quesadilla $ 8.95

Ensaladas Y Caldos
Salads & Soups
ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change Without Notice

Soup Of The Day: Ask your server for todays freshly prepared special  (Bowl) $ 3.25
Chicken and Avacado Salad: Grilled chicken breast on a bed of lettuce topped with avacado, jack and cheddar, black olives and tomato. Serve in a large flour sombrero tortilla basket. $ 7.45
No Way Garden Salad Fresh mixed greens with your choice of dressing $ 3.95
Taco Salad A large crisp flour tortilla layered with refried beans, ground beef, cheddar and jack cheese, lettuce, olives, chives, diced tomatoes, sliced jalapenos, salsa fresca and sour cream. $ 7.25
Our Famous Tostada Salad A No Way Jose Original! Crisp flour tortilla layered with refried beans, shredded chicken or beef, cheddar and jack cheeses, lettuce, olives, sliced jalapenos, tomatoes, green onions, salsa fresca and sour cream. $ 6.95
Hot Sizzling Fajita Salad: Fresh romaine & iceberg lettuce topped with sizzling marinated grilled steak or chicken, tomatoes, black olives, green onions, pico de gallo, and green & red peppers with shredded white cheese $ 7.25

All Served With Refried Beans, Rice And Sweet Corn Masa!
ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change Without Notice

Chicken and Sour Cream Enchilada Two chicken enchiladas rolled in blue tortillas topped with out sour cream sauce and chili con queso. $ 8.95
Queso Florentine A spinach lovers favorite!! Two flour tortillas stuffed with spinach, jack and cheddar cheeses, smothered in chili con queso and sour cream sauce. $ 8.95
Javier's Favorite Two ground beef enchiladas covered in enchilada slices and sour cream $ 9.95
Jalisco Trio A No-Way Jose favorite! Three corn enchiladas, shredded beef with ranchero sauce,chicken with tomatillo sauce and cheese enchilada sauce. $ 9.95
Green Enchilada with Chicken Stuffed full of shredded chicken and topped with our sour cream sauce, then smothered in out green tomatillo sauce $ 8.95
Enchilada Ranchero Supreme Two shredded beef and cheese enchiladas covered in our own red sweet ranchero sauce. $ 8.95

Burritos & Chimichangas
(Add .50 for Chimichangas)
ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change Without Notice

Vegetarian Burrito Fresh veggies & black bean wrapped in a flour tortilla, with tropical fruit salsa & sour cream sauce on the side $ 8.95
Burrito Especial Shredded beef or chicken, refried beans, cheese and sour cream smothered in ranchero sauce. $ 7.25
Burrito De Camarones Seasoned shrimp, rice, black beans, grilled onions, green and red peppers, smothered in sour cream sauce, topped with pineapples $11.95
Taco Burrito Ground beef, refried beans, cheese, shredded lettuce, salsa fresca & sour cream topped with red enchilada sauce $ 7.45
Chicken Fajita Burrito Grilled chicken, refried beans, grilled onions, green & red peppers, smothered in our own tomatillo sauce. Sour cream on request. $ 7.95
Carnitas Burrito Slow cooked pulled pork, refried beans, and cheese covered in tomatillo sauce. $ 7.95
Macho Macho Grande Grande Steak Burrito: Slices of tender cut marinated fajita steak with grilled onions, red & green peppers, refried beans, Mexican rice, ranchero sauce, enchilada sauce and sour cream sauce $ 9.25
Burrito Florentine A large flour tortilla stuffed with spinach, monterey jack and cheddar cheeses, then covered with chili con queso and sour cream sauce (Chimichangas not available) $ 7.95
The Outrageous Our biggest and best stuffed with beans, rice,shredded beef and chicken, cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo & ground beef topped with a medley of ranchero sauce, avocado sauce, and sour cream $ 9.25

Jose's Especialidies
 Our Specialty Entrees Are Served With Refried Beans, Mexican Rice and Sweet Corn Masa. Fresh Hot Flour Tortillas Served On Request.
ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change Without Notice

Flautas Two flour tortillas filled with beef or chicken, then rolled up and fried golden brown. Topped with guacamole, sour cream and tropical fruit salsa $ 8.95
Chili Rellenos Two large roasted poblano green peppers stuffed with seasoned beef and ranchero sauce, Served with tropical fruit salsa. $ 9.95
Carnitas Slow cooked pork with chilaca spices served with our fresh made tropical fruit salsa and topped with chili verde $ 9.50
Carne Asada 8oz. New York Strip Steak - Grilled and topped with fresh made carne asada relish, served with tropical fruit salsa. $11.95
Grilled Chipotle Chicken with Tequila We take a plump chicken breast and stuff it with a mixture of cream cheese, cilantro and chipotle pepper, then smother is in tequila salsa fresca. Served with tropical fruit salsa. $10.95
Jose's Baja Chicken & Shrimp: Marinated grilled chicken breast topped with white cheese, pico de gallo with 4 large sauteed shrimp. Served with fresh vegetables Mexican rice and choice of beans $12.95
Arroz con Pollo Strips of tender chicken breast over a bed of Mexican rice, covered with a blend of chili con queso. $ 9.95
Fajita Tacos: Two hand rolled flour tortillas stuffed with grilled peppers, onions and your choice of marinated steak or chicken. A fajita lovers light meal $ 7.95
Playa del Carmen Shrimp Tacos: Two flour tortillas with shrimp sauteed in our own Baja sauce served with black beans and grilled vegetables $10.95

Order Any Of The Following Items A La Carte To Your Lunch or Dinner Items
ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change Without Notice

Sour Cream $ 0.85
Grated Cheese $ 0.95
Side of Guacamole

$ 0.95

Tamales $ 3.95
Black Beans $ 1.45
Rice $ 1.45
Beans $ 1.45
Chili Rellenos $ 3.95
Basket of Chips and Salsa Fresca $ 1.50
Taco - Crisp or soft Ground beef, shredded beef or shredded chicken $ 1.95
Enchilada - Cheese, beef or chicken $ 3,95
Bean Burrito with Rice $ 5.95

This traditional meal is a family favorite here at No Way Jose's. First we make sure you have plenty of freshly made tortillas, then we serve up a sizzlen' hot skillet piled high with the freshest onions and peppers (red and green) sauteed just right. Top that with a generous helping of grilled steak, chicken or shrimp. Dress up your fajitas with romaine lettuce, pico de gallo, tropical fruit salsa (on request), sour cream, cheddar cheese, jack cheese and a bowl of our charro beans served on the side.
ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change Without Notice

One Two
Chicken Fajitas



Steak Fajitas $11.95 $20.95
Steak and Chicken Fajitas $11.95 $20.95
Shrimp Fajitas $14.95 $22.95
Fajitas Supremas: Steak, Chicken and Shrimp $14.95 $22.95
Veggie Fajitas: Vegetables and Tropical Fruit $11.95 $22.95

Combinaciones Mexicanas
 Served with Mexican Rice, Refried Beans and Sweet Corn Masa. Hot Fresh Flour Tortillas Upon Request. *Tacos Can Be Orderd With Soft Flour Tortilla. No Substitutions Please!
ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change Without Notice

Uno (One Item)

#1 Enchilada -  Cheese $5.95
#2 Taco - Ground beef, crispy shell $5.95
#3 Chili Cheese Relleno - A Poblano chili stuffed with cheese and ranchero sauce $6.95
#4 Beef Tamale -  Hand-made daily $6.95

Dos (Two Items)

#5 Taco & Cheese Enchilada $ 7.95
#6 Two Cheese Enchiladas $ 7.95
#7 Taco & Chili Cheese Relleno $ 8.95
#8 Two Tacos $ 7.95
#9 Tostada & Chili Cheese Relleno $ 8.95
#10 Cheese Enchilada & Chili Cheese Relleno $ 8.95
#11 Cheese Enchilada & Tamale $ 8.95

Tres (Three Items)

#12 Taco, Cheese Enchilada & Chili Cheese Relleno $ 9.95
#13 Taco, Chili Cheese Relleno & Tostada $ 9.95
#14 Cheese Enchilada, Mini Tostada & Tamale $10.25

ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change Without Notice

Deep Fried Ice Cream Vanilla ice cream in a crispy coating topped with honey and whipped cream. $ 4.25
Sopapilla: A light puffed pastry deep fried golden brown, topped with powdered sugar and your choice of sliced strawberries & a dash or rich chocolate or honey $ 3.95
Flan A light egg custard, glazed with a hint of caramel and garnished with whipped cream. $ 3.35

No-Way Margaritas - Our Famous Margaritas are served on the rocks or frozen made with a wine based tequlia and real fruit juices
ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change Without Notice

House Margaritas: 16 oz $ 4.65
House Margaritas: 28oz (Souvenir Yard) $ 9.95
Refill 28oz $ 7.85
Pitcher 64 oz $13.95
Margaritas Especial: Siesta Key Our wine based tequila, mango and lime juice $ 7.25
Margaritas Especial: Rosarita Beach -  A blend of wine based tequila, lime juice and a splash of cranberry juice. $ 5.95
Fruit Flavored Margaritas: 16 oz Orange, Melon, Banana, Peach, Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango, Papaya $ 4.95
Fruit Flavored Margaritas: 28 oz  (Souvenir Yard) Orange, Melon, Banana, Peach, Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango, Papaya $10.85
Refill 28 oz $ 8.85
Pitcher 64 oz $14.95
Mexican Cerveza: Corona XX, Corona Light, Dos Equis Especial, Dos Equis Amber, Modelo Especial, Negra Modelo, Pacifico, Tecate $ 3.50

ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change Without Notice

Silver or Gold Shot Margarita
Sauza Gold $ 4.95 $ 6.45
Jose Cuervo Gold $ 5.00 $ 6.50
Margaritaville $ 5.00 $ 6.50
El Jimador Silver $ 5.00 $ 6.50
El Tesiri Silver $ 5.65 $ 7.15
Cuervo 1800 Silver $ 5.95 $ 7.45
Cuervo 1800 Gold $ 5.95 $ 7.45
Tezon Silver $ 6.99 $ 7.50
Corazon Silver $ 6.25 $ 7.75
Cuervo 1800 100 Proof Silver $ 6.50 $ 8.00
Cabo Wabo Silver $ 7.25 $ 8.75
Herradura Silver $ 7.25 $ 8.75
Don Eduardo Silver $ 7.25 $ 8.75
Milagro Silver $ 7.25 $ 8.75
Sauza Tres Generaciones SilveCielo Silverr $ 7.45 $ 9.50
Coro Silver $ 8.00 $ 9.50
Don Julio Silver $ 8.00 $ 9.50
Patron Silver $ 8.00 $ 9.50
REPOSADO Shot Margarita
Cuervo 1800 $ 6.85 $ 8.35
El Jimador Reposado $ 6.85 $ 8.35
Sauza Hornito's Reposado $ 7.00 $ 8.50
Jose Traditional Reposado $ 7.00 $ 8.50
Caso Wabo Reposado $ 7.50 $ 9.00
Herradura Reposado $ 7.50 $ 9.00
Don Equardo Reposado $ 7.50 $ 9.00
Cielo Reposado $ 8.00 $ 9.50
Corzo Reposado $ 8.00 $ 9.50
Patron Reposado $ 8.25 $ 9.75
Tres Generaciones Reposado $ 8.25 $ 9.75
Don Julio Reposado $ 8.25 $ 9.75
ANEJO Shot Margarita
Jose Cuervo 1800 Anejo $ 6.95 $ 8.45
Sauza Commerativo $ 6.95 $ 8.45
Don Equardo Anejo $ 7.65 $ 8.75
Herradura Anejo $ 7.95 $ 9.45
Cabo Wabo Anejo $ 7.95 $ 9.45
Sauza Tres Generaciones Anejo $ 7.95 $ 9.45
Don Julio Anejo $ 8.75 $10.25
Patron Anejo $ 8.95 $10.25
Corzo Anejo $ 9.00 $10.25
Cielo Anejo $ 9.00 $10.50
Jose La Reserva Anejo $12.00 $13.50

Ask Your Server About Our Pitchers Of Margaritas!
ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change Without Notice

Tijuana Cadillac: Jose Cuervo Gold, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Fresh Sour Mix and Lime Juice $ 8.95
House Of Blues: Take our House Margarita, Blue Curaco, A Splash of Pineapple Juice and Fresh Sour Mix for this Tropical Concoction $ 6.25
Rosarita Beach: A Blend of Margaritaville Tequila, Jose's Tradicional with fresh squeezed Lime Juice and a Cranberry Splash $ 6.25
Very Berry Margarita: Sauza Gold, Raspberry Liquor, Wild Berry Juice, Triple Sec and Sour Mix $ 6.45
18K Margarita: 1800 Jose Cuervo, OUr special Margarita Mix, Fresh Lime Juice and a shot of Cointreau served on the side $ 8.50
Jose's Fiesta Margarita: Sauza Gold, Chambrod, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Midori and Sour Mix $ 8.25
No Way's 28 oz Souvenir Yard Glass $10.95
Refills For Yard Glass $ 8.25

ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change Without Notice

Famous Strawberry Margarita $ 5.95
Fruit Margarita: Peach, Mango, Raspberry, Wildberry, Melon $ 5.95
Big Orange Margarita: Orange Juice, Ice Cream $ 5.95

ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change Without Notice

Strawberry, Peach, Mango, Pineapple, Raspberry $ 5.75

ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change Without Notice

Mexican: Corona, Corona Light, Dos XX Amber,Dos XX Special, Tecate, Negro Modelo, Modelo Especial, Sol, Pacifico $ 3.95
Import/Domestic: Budweiser, Bud Light, Bud Light Lime, Coors Light, Heineken, Icehouse, Michelob Light, Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite, O'Doul's, (Yuengling $ 3.95) $ 3.00

ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change Without Notice

Jose's Ultimate Pina Colada: Our Homemade Pina Colada Mix with Bacardi Rum, Pineapple Juice and Ice Cream, Topped with Myers Dark Rum $ 7.95
Tropical Breeze: Light Rum, Blue Curaco, Malibu, Fresh Lime Juice and Orange Juice $ 7.25
Mexican Runner: A Carribean Favorite with a Mexican Taste. Take A Rum Runner add Jose Cuervo Gold for a one of a kind Mexican Glavor $ 7.95
KB's Kahlua Colada: A tasty blend of Captain Morgan's Rum, Kahlua, Vanilla Ice Cream and our homemade Tropical Pina Colada Mix $ 7.95
Sangria: A true Mexican Wine. We make it fresh to order with lots of fresh fruits $ 7.95
Jose Sombrero: Fresh Peaches & Strawberries with our homemade Pina Colada Mix together with Bacardi Rum $ 7.75
Sonora Sunset: A fruity tropical delight with Amaretto Di Saronno, Midori, Key Largo Schnapps and a blend of Orange & Cranberry Juice topped with Sprite $ 7.75
Blaine's Coco Cay Colada: Specialty of the house made with Malibu Coconut Flavored Rum and Myers Dark Rum with our homemade Pina Colada Mix blended with Vanilla Ice Cream Mix $ 7.95

ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change Without Notice

Coffee, Tea, Milk, Coke, Sprite, Mello Yello, Dr Pepper $ 1.95

No Way Jose's Cantina
555 Parkway - Gatlinburg, TN  37738-3201 (865) 430-5673
Latitude: N35 42.8181' ~ Longitude: W83 30.7285'

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