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Astros 2018 Season Preview

It is expected that the Astros are going to be strong contenders for the postseason 2017 after making some big moves in signing Carlos Beltran, pitcher Charlie Morton and Josh Reddick to the team. The team is expected to have a great defense and some of the brightest power hitters this season in the league. Tickets for 2017 Houston Astros games at Minute Maid Park could be rising in demand and in price as the season progresses.

The Rivals

Astros vs. Cardinals

This game is looked upon as a major casualty of realignment in major league baseball. From 1996 to 2006, these teams took 10 out of the 11 NL Central titles, then meeting in the NLCS two times. In this time period, the Cardinals and Astros came together for three appearances in the World Series, often being one and two in the NL Central. After the Astros moved to the AL West, this is a series now only scheduled for inter-league play. Games are still going to be exciting, just never the same.

Astros vs. Rangers

First played in 2001, the Lone Star Series is an annual inter-league matchup that has grown to be a divisional rivalry with Astros moving into the AL West. The series winner gets awarded with the Silver Boot, one of the best trophies for rivalries in MLB today. these teams have been sharing more than Texas baseball hearts, with some of the more iconic players in both clubs playing for the Astros and the Rangers, including Lance Berkman, Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez and Nolan Ryan.

Astros vs. Cubs

These are former NL Central rivals that have put out some of the best games in the past two decades. For many years, this rivalry had been known for pitching and intensity. Names such as Roy Oswalt, Andy Pettitte, Kerry Wood and Carlos Zambrano were pitching the best games of their careers in these matchups. While this is no longer a division rivalry, this remains one of the more exciting matchups when it appears on an inter-league schedule.

The Houston Astros in the World Series, the AL Championship Series and the MLB Playoffs

Since 1965, the Houston Astros are an organization that spent a great deal of time in the National League before moving into the American League in 2013. The team is still looking for their first title in the World Services, winning their only NL pennant in 2005. Throughout the years, Houston has gone on to win over 5 division titles and will surely add to that with the upcoming seasons.


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