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Single game 2017 Single Game SF Giants Tickets, Find Your Seats Today! Be there at AT&T Park to see the Giants win. After you watch your favorite team bring home World Series honors in three of the last five years, you can be forgiven for expecting baseball in October to be something of a foregone conclusion. That's exactly how people feel in the Bay Area now that the San Francisco Giants have started to forge a winning dynasty. With championship wins in 2010, 2012, and 2014, the Giants are still very much on fire. Although they spoiled their alternating-year winning streak by missing the top slot in 2016, the Giants have become perennial post-season contenders. They fought out four tough games against the future champions, the Chicago Cubs, in the National League Division Series.

Led by CEO Larry Baer, boss of the ownership group, the Giants have taken a dramatically fresh look at baseball as a business. The team has eschewed pricey, dramatic free agent signings under Baer's leadership. Instead, the Giants have concentrated on perfecting their defensive assets and developing powerful in-house arms that are capable of winning championships. The public has certainly reacted favorably; San Francisco Giants tickets are some of the hottest commodities in the bay area. AT&T Park has been averaging well over 40,000 spectators for every game played in the past six years.

Team Info On The San Francisco Giants

The highlights of the Giants' current roster are Madison Bumgarner and Buster Posey. Bumgarner was the MVP in the 2014 World Series, and Posey became the MVP of the National League in 2012 after debuting as Rookie of the Year in 2010. Over the past seven years, the Giants have consistently navigated to second place or better in the NL West with only a single exception. The formidable team is rounded out by Brandon Crawford, a Golden Glove winning shortstop, and great pitchers like Johnny Cueto, Mark Melancon, and Jeff Samardzija. The team's prospects for 2017 look undeniably bright.

History Of The Giants

The Giants franchise started all the way back in 1883 when the team was originally formed under the banner of the New York Gothams. The "Giants" name came into place quickly, and the team switched coasts in 1958 to relocate to San Francisco. Celebrated past Giants from both the New York and San Francisco editions of the club include all-time Hall of Famer Willie Mays. Their lengthy history has included 23 pennant wins and eight World Series wins, a performance record that any MLB team would be proud of. Thanks for reading our Tips for Getting SF Giants Tickets


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